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In a groundbreaking move, B Seen, the foremost vehicle advertising company in Saudi Arabia, has officially inked a contract with Al Ahsa Municipality to bring its cutting-edge advertising solutions to taxis in the region.

Accelerating Success with B Seen:

Known for its pioneering role in vehicle advertising, B Seen continues to drive success by expanding its impact in the Saudi market. With a team of seasoned professionals dedicated to vehicle advertising, the company is poised to elevate its influence through strategic plans and a visionary approach.

Empowering Businesses with B Seen:

B Seen’s commitment to overcoming the challenges faced by businesses in reaching a wider audience is evident through its advanced tracking tools. These tools, including heat map tracking, daily reports, and analyses, provide a direct insight into the performance of advertising campaigns, ensuring measurable results.

Benefits that Resonate:

B Seen’s services deliver crucial benefits for businesses, offering high visibility through vehicle advertising’s continuous movement. Addressing cost concerns, the company provides reasonable and competitive pricing options, lowering the entry barrier for advertisers. This strategic move enables companies to broaden their audience, maximize return on investment, and compete effectively in the market.

Comprehensive Services by B Seen:

Beyond innovative technology and creative design, B Seen ensures a holistic approach to its services. The company takes charge of all execution aspects, from providing and coordinating vehicles to printing and installing advertising stickers, monitoring campaigns, replacing damaged vehicle stickers, and delivering regular progress reports.

A New Chapter in Al-Hasa:

B Seen’s recent collaboration with Al Ahsa Municipality cements a new chapter in its journey. By signing an agreement to advertise on Al-Hasa’s taxis, B Seen is transforming these vehicles into dynamic, moving billboards that capture the attention of a diverse audience. With the municipality’s support, B Seen’s taxi advertising will further enhance the city’s visual landscape.


As B Seen expands its footprint in Al-Hasa through this groundbreaking partnership, the company is not just changing the advertising landscape; it’s pioneering a collaborative effort with the municipality. Keep a lookout for the B Seen-branded taxis; they are not just vehicles; they are a testament to the innovative future of advertising in Saudi Arabia, made possible through strategic partnerships and forward-thinking initiatives.

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